What sets Leland’s Metal Buildings Above the Rest?

What sets Leland’s Metal Buildings Above the Rest?

When you start looking for outdoor steel buildings, you might get overwhelmed by all the options and the things you will need to accomplish before installing your custom metal building.

Most people who start looking into building a barndominium or metal building workshop get overloaded at the initial process and throw in the towel. Not when you call or visit us at Leland’s Metal Buildings. We set ourselves apart by being a higher standard of customer service and training everyone on our sales, service, and build teams to know our metal buildings and processes step by step.

Why is service so important when constructing custom metal buildings?

While our buildings go up fast, usually in just a day, you have to make sure that you have everything in place to ensure your site is ready for your project.

Depending on your location, you will likely need permits and HOA approval. There are a few options regarding what type of foundation you will use, but this step will have to be complete before we can set up delivery.

Dirt work may need to be done if your property is not very level. You will also have to get with an electrician and plumber to connect your building to power or water.

As you can tell, the tasks start to pile up, but we do our best to ensure we walk you through every step.

Can you pull my permit for my steel building?

Most counties and cities require a permit for any structure anchored to its foundation, a must in metal building construction. So we get asked daily if that is something we will apply for and get or if that is something that the client will have to do.

Metal Building Permit

What do I need for a permit?

Most places require that the property owner applies for the permit. However, we are here to help provide you will all of the information, sketches, and plans to help you get your permit.

We can also help guide you through possible issues and fussy HOAs.

We make sure to have our contractor registration for most locations in Texas, and if we don’t already have it for your town, we will obtain it.

3d mockup metal building

What kind of foundation do you need for a steel building?

There are a few options regarding what the foundation of your metal building will have. This depends on what your purpose is for your steel building and how much you are willing to invest.

Dirt Foundation

Most people building a barn or animal shelter opt to anchor straight into the ground. Dirt is softer and safer for animals, especially inside their stalls. A dirt foundation is also a lower-cost option for storing tractors or vehicles that don’t need a concrete floor.

With a dirt foundation, there is no need to pour footings or prep the ground for your steel building, outside of leveling. We will place 36″ anchors directly into the ground to secure your steel building.

Asphalt Foundation

asphalt foundation for metal building

An asphalt foundation is a good option for someone who needs firm flooring but doesn’t have the budget for concrete. Once again, we will anchor into the asphalt with 36″ anchors. The downside to asphalt is no rebar or reinforcement, so there is a possibility of it shifting and cracking.

Concrete Foundation

concrete foundation for a metal building

A concrete floor will be your most durable option when it comes to the foundation of a metal building. A high-quality concrete pad is 4″+ thick and reinforced with rebar, a perimeter beam, and a brick or metal ledge around the perimeter for the metal walls to come down past the central pad.

Will you pour a concrete pad for my metal building?

We will not. That is because we like to specialize in what we do best: erecting high-quality metal buildings. However, we will help consult your contractor with our specifications to ensure that all your door cutouts and ledges are done to our specs.

We also have preferred contractors that we like to recommend to our clients based on their location.

What type of groundwork do I need to done before I install a foundation for my custom metal building?

grading issues for metal building construction

Groundwork all depends on how level your land is or if you have any large rocks that need to be removed. The contractor we prefer to work with here in Grandview, TX, for concrete pads includes any dirt work within 6″ of level.

If you have serious grading issues, you will have to have a contractor come out and level your land for you before a pad installation. Most concrete contractors also do leveling work. 

Will you come and check my site for me?

Most of our metal building sales come through our website sales team or a dealer location; if you are local to your salesperson, they are always more than happy to check your land and ensure you are on the right track.

How do I get plumbing and electricity installed?

Here at Leland’s Metal Buildings, we only build steel building shells. So if you want them finished out or utilities connected, you must have a contractor, plumber, or electrician come out for installation.

We like to stick to what we do best: building a durable, beautiful custom metal building.

Who do I call to hook up water and power to my steel building?

metal building power

This is going to vary depending on where you live and who your utility providers are. If you give your utility provider a call, they can usually walk you through that process.

They will typically send someone to your property for a site survey and let you know what to do and what permits you will need.

We employ everyone that you will talk to or work with

We employ everyone who works for us, that may sound obvious, but in the world of metal building erection, this is rare. Instead, most contractors hire sub-contractors to put up steel buildings. The problem with this is finger pointing and a lack of communication.

From the building designers, building scheduler, crews that will put up your metal building, and the service team that will repair and deals with any warranty issues. They are all employed by Leland’s Metal Buildings.

metal building carport

Communication is critical in construction

If there is poor communication on something, an issue that needs to be resolved, or a question that needs to be answered, our team is on it. There is no blaming the other guy; we own up to every issue and resolve it promptly.

Looking at our hundreds of 5-star reviews, it becomes evident that our teams are incredible. Not to say those bad ones don’t exist, but we do everything we can to ensure our clients are happy.

5 star reviews for lelands metal building

Leland’s service stands above the rest

So when searching for your next storage building, remember we sell wooden sheds too; Leland’s is here for you every step of the way. From start to finish, we are here to help your lack of space nightmare, turn into the building of your dreams.

Once you reach out to us to schedule an appointment, one of our Metal Building Experts will reach out to you to start designing your building. Then you will receive a fully itemized quote, next steps, and 3D mockups of your design. This process is a completely free quote, and will take about 10-30 minutes of your time.

We are here to help get you a free quote and design your building. Call or schedule an appointment to start your custom metal building project.

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