Is it cheaper to build a metal barn or have one built for me?

metal barn style building

When it comes to building metal barns, you have a lot of options. You can build your own metal barn or buy one pre-fabricated metal barn.

There is a significant difference between purchasing these materials yourself and having someone else do it for you: labor costs!

Can I DIY a metal barn?

DIY contractor

If you are going to build your metal barn yourself, the question is can I build a reliable steel building on my own for less money? If you have a lot of experience, flat land, and a little help you can definitely build your own metal barn. But is it really worth it to you and will it still be great quality?

Building a metal barn yourself.

Building your own metal barn is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it’s much easier than building a wooden barn. Because metal is such a durable material, you won’t have to worry about warping or rotting over time like you would with wood.

Plus, because of the low cost of most metals and the simple construction of metal building kits, it’s possible to build a new metal barn for less than half the cost of having a wooden structure rebuilt.

Using steel for a metal barn is definitely worth it

The durability and longevity associated with using quality steel in place of wood can be viewed as both positive and negative aspects of this material choice depending on how long-term your plans are for any given project involving these materials; however I would argue that there are more benefits than drawbacks associated with choosing quality steel instead of wood (or other materials).

Why are steel buildings so great?

metal barn style building

  • Higher Wind Ratings
  • Heavier Snow Loads
  • Less opportunity for rot
  • Galvanized steel means no rust
  • Open floor plans for agricultural storage

Hiring a contractor to build your metal barn.


The cost of hiring a contractor to build your steel barn will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Based on market averages you can expect to pay around $4 per square foot for labor. So depending on the materials your contractor uses this can drastically change the overall cost.

The Leland’s Difference

If you are going to hire a contractor it is imperative that you hire one that has an impeccable reputation and a great warranty.

Having someone build a steel barn for you may cost more, but your labor costs will be significantly less.

The cost of building a metal barn varies widely, and it’s important to know what you are getting for your money. If you are building a metal barn, it is important to know the quality of the materials used. In some cases, there may be hidden costs associated with building or installing a metal barn that can quickly add up if you don’t do your research.

It may be cheaper in the long run to have someone build your steel barn for you, but only if they use quality materials and workmanship so that it lasts many years without any problems.


A steel building will be cheaper in the long run than a wooden building (and from the moment of purchase).

A steel building will be cheaper in the long run than a wooden building (and from the moment of purchase).

  • A steel building will last many years longer than a wooden building.
  • Steel buildings are more energy efficient than wood structures, so they require less heating and cooling over time.
  • Steel structures can be customized to fit your needs, while wood is limited by its natural form and function.
  • The metal panels used for construction can easily be replaced when they’re damaged without having to rebuild the entire structure, which helps keep costs low over time.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s up to you. A metal barn is a big investment and your money should be spent wisely. If you have the time and skill to do it yourself, then go for it! If not, then hiring a contractor may be the right choice for you.

We would love to help you customize your new metal horse barn and help walk you through the whole process. 

Give us a call or visit us today.

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Leland's Metal Building

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