Metal Building Components

Discover and customize every part of your metal building with our interactive tool. Click the buttons to explore each component, from frames to panels, and see your design come to life in vivid detail. Adjust styles, choose colors, and personalize every aspect effortlessly. Dive into detailed descriptions of each component and understand how everything fits together. Once you’ve crafted your perfect building, contact us to share your vision. Start customizing today and let’s bring your dream building to life together!

Metal Carport Components



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Base RailsThe square tubing on the base of the building onto which the legs are attached to.

BowsA single piece of square tubing used to make the roofing member of a building. The tubing can be made from either 14 gauge or a 12 gauge steel.

Ridge CapA transition piece covering the ridge of the roof. The ridge cap is normally color matched with the roof panels. However, if the customer wishes to change the color it must be specified when completing your order.

TrimTrim to give the roof and building corners a finished and a more aesthetic view.

Hat ChannelsA galvanized steel component that is used to create a vertical roof orientation. The hat channel also provides more ridgidnes for a stronger structure.

BracesBraces are U-shaped channels that are used to reinforce the structure of a building. For buildings in which the braces are optional we recommend 2' braces on buildings shorter than 8' and 3' braces for buildings 9' or taller.

Leg PostsLegs are the vertical tubing that connect the bows (top) to the base rail (bottom). The leg height varies depending on the type of building.

Roof PanelsOur panels are 29 gauge steel. Available in standard lengths up to 31’. We have a variety of colors available to choose from. Custom lengths are available upon request.

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Metal Building Component Descriptions

Base Rail

The Horizontal rail that our legs slide into. This would be the base of our buildings.


This is the truss of our Buildings. This would be what holds the roof sheet metal and is reinforced with a peak brace.

Drop panel

Sheet panel that drops down the side of the carport. These act as a gaurd against rain/ hail/winds and helps reinforce it

End Wall

The Wall that goes on the end of the building, Or a non weight bearing wall

Gable End

A decorative addition that can add both style and extra lateral stability to a carport.

Hat Channel

Anchoring points for our roof panels, these pieces have the shape of a top-hat when viewed from the side.


A Header is a bar that is installed above an opening, usually on the top of a garage door, to give additional support and structure Also used to eliminate leg post every 5'.


J-trim is a piece of trim, that when viewed from the side profile, is shaped like a J. It acts both as a decorative feature as well as a cover to any sharp edges that open on drop panel


The Lean To is a perfect addition, that can add up to 15’ additional width to a structure that has one set of leg to the outside. A key part of its design is the ability to extend the storage space by connecting to the carport that would supply it’s other pair of legs.


The legs of a carport are the vertical poles that bear the weight of the roof. They give a carport its stability and allow it to stand up straight.

Leg Brace

These braces are used to connect the legs of the carport to the truss/bow. They add additional strength to the structure and help hold up the roof.

Peak Brace

This is the truss of our Buildings. This would be what holds the roof sheet metal and is reinforced with a peak braceaThis brace is located at the center peak of each bow and provides additional strength and structure to buildings between 12’-24’ in width..

Side Wall

The wall that encloses the two weight-bearing sides (referred to as “sides”) of a house or building.


A distinctive, decorative touch to our design that changes the color of the bottom 3’ height of the enclosed sides.

45 Degree Trim Kit

The 45 degree trim kit is a decorative feature that gives the top openings a “attractive” corner consisting of four forty five degree angles opposed to two ninety degree angles.

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