Design, Customize, And Install Your Ideal Metal Barndo Shell At Cost-Saving Prices

Looking for a home that stands the test of time? Choose our Barndo Shell with prices for a strong and modern living solution. We utilize high-quality steel, crafting durable and stylish houses. Forget the misconception that metal buildings are just for industry – our metal Barndo Shell installations provide safety, security, and energy efficiency.
Transform industrial materials into a beautiful, 21st-century home. Upgrade your living space with our metal Barndo Shell, where toughness meets style for a secure and stylish home built to endure nature’s challenges.
Lelands grey and white Barndo Shell

The Intelligent, Custom Choice - Leland's Metal Buildings

Our custom-designed metal homes allow you to create your ideal living space, unrestricted by the limitations of wood framing. Open concept floor plans, expansive windows, and cathedral ceilings to name a few, make the possibilities endless.

Mix and match from a variety of metal colors to achieve the exterior house design you want. Then select the perfect windows, doors, finishes and fixtures to reflect your personal style inside and out.

With the strength of steel behind the walls, and expert designers on hand, a wide variety of layouts are achievable. Take your dream home from concept to reality.

Lelands grey metal barndominium

Our metal buildings provide:

  • Unmatched strength and stability: Steel frameworks engineered by our multiple engineers stand up to high winds, heavy snow loads and seismic events. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your home can weather any storm.
  • Energy efficiency: With thicker, fully insulated walls and advanced sealing, our buildings have tested 40% more efficient than conventional wood framing. That means you get to  enjoy lower utility bills.
  • Design flexibility: From cozy cottages to sprawling ranch houses, our team works with most architectural style. Customize windows, siding colors, and layouts to your tastes.
  • Quick construction: Once you foundation is poured your shell is ready in weeks, not months. Our process minimizes on-site labor and disruption.
  • Affordability: Pound for pound, steel is the most cost-effective building solution available today. Get the home you want at the price you need.
  • Low maintenance: No more scraping, sanding and re-painting. Our resilient steel paneling retains its finish for decades. Spend weekends relaxing, not repairing.

Add Space and Value with a Barndominium

A barndominium allows you to add valuable square footage to your property without the high cost of a traditional home addition. These versatile steel buildings provide affordable extra space that can be used as a workshop, storage, home office, in-law suite, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Constructing a barndominium is much quicker and more affordable than conventional construction. The prefabricated components assemble in days, not months, and steel is far cheaper than lumber. This makes it possible to double or triple your usable space for half the cost.

Appraisers recognize the value add of barndominiums. Unlike regular barns or outbuildings, barndominiums become part of the livable square footage of your property. This can increase the future resale value far beyond the initial investment.

Lelands red barndo
Lelands red metal barndominium

Built to Withstand Any Natural Threat

Metal buildings are consistently ranked among the safest building solutions for any location prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or wildfires. The structural integrity of steel will keep your home and family protected.

Pound for pound, metal framing provides the greatest shear strength against high winds. Metal fasteners and connectors maintain stability even through powerful storms. You can rest assured your home will remain secure.

Unlike combustible materials, non-flammable steel does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to extreme heat. This provides a critical layer of protection in the event of a major fire. Steel construction gives you peace of mind.

Get Started On Your Custom Metal Barndo Shell Today!

30x50x12 Barndo Shell

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Financing & RTO Available

We make the process simple. Our team of metal home experts will work with you through every step – from initial design concepts to your finished product. You’ll get the beautiful, durable custom home you’ve always wanted with a process that’s easy and enjoyable.

Our 3D visualization tools allow you to walk through lifelike renderings of your future home. Provide feedback to our team until the plans perfectly match your vision. Then, watch your perfect home come to life before construction even begins!

We oversee your building install from start to finish so you can relax and focus on the excitement of your new custom home. Leave the details to us while you pick out paint colors, floorings, and fixtures to make the space your own. Click below to start designing or get a free quote.

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