Modern Barn Houses Give Your Livestock The Durable Shelter They Deserve

Check out the Leland’s Metal Buildings Barn Series to make your property more organised and efficient. These modern barn houses give your animals a strong and customised shelter. The metal barns, like the Metal Barn and Loafing Shed, are made to keep both small and large animals safe.
Improve your farm or ranch with the Leland’s Barn Series, designed to keep things running smoothly. These strong and roomy structures help boost productivity by providing comfy housing for your special animals. Get a barn that gives your livestock the top-notch shelter they need. You can Buy barn building Texas to upgrade how you take care of your animals.”
lelands black and white loafing barn

All Leland’s Metal Buildings Come Standard with:

lelands metal barn in gray

Metal Barn Standard Features:

  • 8′ Leg standard on all sizes
  • 4′ Interior kick walls
  • 6″ overhang on sides
  • 2′ Front overhang
  • 29 Guage Horizontal Metal
  • Available in Horizontal roof or Vertical roof
  • Sizes available in 12’ wide & 15’ wide and in lengths up to 35′ long

Loafing Shed Features:

  • 12′ Legs in Middle Section
  • 8′ Legs on each Lean To section
  • Both sides closed
  • 9′ High opening in middle section
  • Lean To ends closed & (1) 8′ X 7′ opening
  • Available in All Horizontal Metal, Vertical Roof (Horizontal Sides) & All Vertical Metal
  • Sizes available from 30′ wide up to 54′ wide Available in lengths up to 30’ long for horizontal roof only (Vertical roof up to 40’ long)
lelands metal loafing barn
lelands red loafing barn

Built to Last: Stands Strong Against Nature's Worst

For superior protection and ample storage space, upgrade to a high-quality metal barn from Leland’s. Expertly constructed using rigid frameworks and durable materials, our metal barns are engineered to withstand wear while sheltering your animals and equipment for years to come. Our metal buildings provide the secure and accessible space backed by our reputation for construction excellence. Leland’s metal barns are made to last.

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46x45x16 Barns

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Financing & RTO Available

Give your livestock,  the safe and reliable shelter they deserve with a customized metal barn from Leland’s. Our construction experts design metal barns tailored to your specific needs, whether for storage, stalls, or pens. With hassle-free installation, you can easily create the ideal shelter to protect your valuable animals.  Leland’s takes the stress out of building barns to cover your livestock, horses, and more. We make the process simple. Our team of metal home experts will work with you through every step – from initial design concepts to delivery and installation. You’ll get the attractive, durable metal building you’ve always wanted with a process that’s easy and enjoyable. Click below to start designing or get a free quote.
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