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There are so many options in outdoor storage today, that finding the best option for your project can be a little exhausting. When building a structure on your property there are so many things to consider; pole barn vs metal building, cost, durability, design flexibility, and increasing property value. A metal structure from Leland’s Metal Buildings gives you complete flexibility of design and function while keeping you protected with a 3-year workmanship warranty.

But the question is why go metal instead of a traditional pole barn style building? Investing in a steel building may seem like a daunting task but in the long run, it will be exactly that – an investment. In your property, in the things you need to be protected most, and in your peace of mind.

It all starts at the Foundation 

The foundation of a building is really where you set up the stability and durability of the structure. Pole barns are typically anchored directly into the dirt, instead of a concrete base. When that wood is put directly into the dirt any moisture that the ground soaks up is going to make it prone to rotting and this will cause them to settle and shift over time. 

The steel buildings we build at Leland’s can be anchored into the dirt yes, but also concrete, asphalt, or any foundation type you prefer. While we recommend a concrete slab for our larger buildings the base truly doesn’t matter when it comes to the durability of the metal legs. You will never have to worry about them rotting. 

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Stronger Structures Built to Withstand the Test of the Elements

The key difference between a pole barn vs metal building is the building materials. Pole barns use wood poles and other framing materials, while metal buildings are made of steel. From the framing to the trusses and the sheeting on the outside of the structure they are completely constructed of steel. While the outside shell of a pole barn is typically made of metal sheeting, the structural elements are wooden. This is going to make the overall building less durable and susceptible to rot and termites, issues that you will never face with a metal building. 

Whether you are looking to store your beautiful collection of hotrods or finish it out for your family to live in you will need to invest in something that will give you peace of mind. At Leland’s, we use 29 gauge sheet panels and 14 gauge 2.5 inch X 2.5 inch galvanized square steel tubing as our standard, with the ability to upgrade to 26 gauge panels and 12 gauge square steel tubing. 

Built to Protect Against the Elements

Can a pole barn help protect your boat and lawn equipment from the harsh Texas weather? Of course, but once your wood starts rotting and you get a little too much water on your property flooding it and pooling on your dirt flooring is inevitable. A steel building on a concrete base is definitely going to provide you with much more weather resistance. 

Also, the metal we use for our structures has a 40-year warranty against rust, lamination, and fading. The framing is also galvanized steel so is made to resist rust. There is simply less maintenance with metal. By now we’re sure you get it, wood isn’t as durable, but you can make it last longer with regular maintenance. Get a pole that has termites? Sure you could probably treat it or get it replaced.

But why deal with that? When the whole point of getting a building built in the first place is to protect your things and give you peace of mind. We use American-made steel rolled in our own factories right here in Grandview, Texas. It is a much tougher product than wood and in the long run, is going to require much less maintenance. Since you will never have to worry about bugs or rotting. 

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What About Price?

Ok so Metal buildings have numerous benefits over a wooden pole barn, so it has to be more expensive right? Not necessarily. The cost of an average pole barn is actually comparable to that of a steel building and sometimes even more depending on the customizations. 

Our metal buildings are all cut and prepped before they leave our lot making it super easy for our crews to assemble in a day or two on-site. This streamlined process is what cuts costs and saves you money. It is also less expensive to insure a metal structure, because it can’t combust, and have a higher wind rating. 

Call us today at (817) 866-2703 and start designing your metal building

At Leland’s, our buildings are made to last and come with an industry-leading warranty. We employ our own construction crews and have our own metal production facility, so you can be sure there will never be any finger-pointing because we stand by our products.

Let us help you design the perfect metal building for your needs.

Call us today at (817) 866-2703 to get started on your new metal building!

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