metal horse barn styles

Metal Horse Barn Styles

standard mono-slope loafing shed

What style of Metal Horse Barn do I need?

There are many different metal horse barn styles to choose from. Which one works best for you depends on a variety of factors. Space, budget, size, and the number of animals can change what style of metal barn you may need or want. 

Standard Mono-slope Loafing Shed

These are typically going to be your cheapest and most compact option. They will provide overhead and 3-wall shelter for your animals. However, they are not going to keep all of the elements out; the mono-slope roof is less likely to be leak and snowproof. But if you need a metal horse barn, put up inexpensively, and if you do not have the room for a full-size barn, they are a great option.

a-frame loafing shed

A-frame Loafing Shed

An A-frame style loafing shed is going to have much more overhead coverage and allow for your hoses to have a little more space in inclement weather. The roof itself is also going to draw rain and snow away more efficiently. These structures do take up a bit more space than the mono-slope style. But it will still be completely open on one end. 

Of course, there are ways to upgrade either loafing shed option to add a tack room or a small garage on one of the ends to provide you with ample storage. You can also add pony and divider walls to create separate stalls.

raised center aisle metal horse barn

Raised Center Aisle Metal Horse Barn

A raised center aisle barn is going to be an option that offers more coverage. Less wind and rain are going to be able to get to your horses. There is also a lot more storage space in this style of metal horse barn. You can utilize overhead loft space on the center aisle, and you also have the option to turn one of the side aisles into garage space. We can also turn one of our workshop styles into a barn, so you have a solid roofline rather than the raised center aisle.

These options are going to take up the largest amount of space and come at a much higher cost. Let our team of Metal Experts help you design and customize the metal horse barn that works best for you today. Contact us now.

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