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Today we are highlighting a project completed in Wilson County for their local animal shelter. A Leland’s custom metal building was the perfect option for this project because they needed ultimate customization, a building that could be made specifically for their needs while also being built to the highest quality to keep their animals safe. 

Our favorite projects are always when we get to help our local communities

It is probably pretty obvious from our name Leland’s Metal Buildings that we build metal structures. But we don’t just provide metal buildings – every project is custom so our metal buildings meet the needs of our clients. Big or small, personal or professional metal buildings are quickly becoming the go-to solution for all things storage for the following reasons:

  • Versatility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Built to last
  • Easy customization

animal shelter metal building

While the barn seems like a simple structure, Floresville needed to be able to incorporate the following items so it would function best for their needs: 

  • Separate spaces for dogs and cats
  • Ability to quarantine sick pets
  • Several rollup doors with direct access to outdoor play areas
  • An office space 

Deciding on a custom metal building gave them the ability to install something that was going to be easy to clean with a large open floor plan to maximize space. This building in addition to their 22 kennels lets them take in more pets. Beyond that, the shelter staff feels secure because Leland’s quality will help keep the animals safe.

Quality is the number one priority here at Leland’s

When we started our metal building business our owners asked themselves one question. What would you build for your own family? The answer came back clearly, that they needed to build quality structures for their customers just as they would build for their family members. After all, if we wouldn’t build it for ourselves, why would we offer to sell anything less? We ensure this quality by sourcing first-rate materials, offering the best in the business warranties, and helping our clients through every step of the building process. When we were working with Wilson County, it was of utmost importance to us to make sure they would have a quality structure for years to come. 

prefabricated metal building frame

When we talk about warranties in the metal building industry it can be a little confusing. Some companies boast a 20-year metal warranty, but that really just refers to the metal itself, not the structure. Most of our competitors offer a 90-day workmanship warranty, this is what will cover you on the actual work that has been done on the structure. Here at Leland’s, we offer a 2-3 year workmanship warranty, depending on the building, that doesn’t have any exclusions. 

We stand behind every material we source and every structure we put together. Our goal is to work with you every step of the way to make sure you are more than satisfied with your finished product. Talk to us today, so we can start the metal building of your dreams today! 

Call us today at (817) 866-2703 and start designing your metal building

At Leland’s, our buildings are made to last and come with an industry-leading warranty. We employ our own construction crews and have our own metal production facility, so you can be sure there will never be any finger-pointing because we stand by our products.

Let us help you design the perfect metal building for your needs.

Call us today at (817) 866-2703 to get started on your new metal building!

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